About Melissa Ko – New York City Based Managing Member of Covepoint Capital Advisors, LLC


Melissa Ko Hahn is the Managing Member of Coverpoint Capital Advisors, LLC, an investment management firm located in New York City. She also serves as the Chief Investment Officer of its flagship, the Covepoint Emerging Markets Macro Fund. Melissa brings a wealth of knowledge in emerging markets trader and investor, dating back to the 1990s. Melissa Ko earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), before going on to earn her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

During her career, Melissa Ko Hahn has had the opportunity to work in a couple of great roles. She began her career in a trading position with Abn-Amro, before moving on to trading at Citibank. She would eventually move on to work as a Director with Deutsche Bank, and was in charge of Emerging Markets Currencies Proprietary Trading.

Because of her strong background, Melissa Ko Hahn went on to become a Partner at Blue Border Partners, an Emerging Markets Hedge Fund for two years, which provided her with a wealth of knowledge of Hedge Funds. Before she began working at Covepoint Capital Advisors, LLC, Melissa was the Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns & Co.. She would stay in this role until 2008.

After gaining a strong background of professional experience, Melissa Ko Hahn launched Covepoint Capital Advisors, LLC, which managed more than $2.4 billion. She made the decision to transition the company from a Hedge Fund to a family office, and remains one today. Her passion for the profession has helped Melissa to bring success to her office, and works diligently to continue growing.

In addition to her work with Covepoint Capital Advisors, LLC, Melissa Ko is active in her community, giving where she can and working on various boards. To honor her undergraduate university, Melissa serves as a member of the MIT Corporation Development Committee. Additionally, she is a board member for the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church and the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

Since moving to New York City, Melissa Ko Hahn has only continued to fall more in love with everything that it has to offer. From the incredible architecture to its wide variety of food options, she believes that the city has a flare that is hard to find in other major cities. She has a passion for new food, and is consistently impressed with the cuisine that is throughout New York City.

In her spare time, Melissa Ko Hahn enjoys spending time with her husband, Doug Hahn, and their two children. Doug Hahn who publishes a New York lifestyle magazine. Melissa Ko and Doug Hahn enjoy traveling as a family and supporting one another as they move through life together.

Melissa Ko and Doug Hahn are actively involved in philanthropy through the Melissa Ko and Douglas Hahn Charitable Trust, established in 2007.

The Foundation seeks to fund programs that promote solutions through community-based social services, education and health & medicine research. It also supports programs that aim to enrich the lives of the local community through the Arts and organizations that are focused on advancing individual freedom around the world.

The Best Restaurants That You Need To Try In New York City

New York City continues to be one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit for many reasons. Not only is there an array of things to do, but there are countless places to eat throughout the city. Because of how many restaurants are located in New York City, it can be difficult for first-time visitors to decide on a place. Here are some of the best restaurants to try in New York City.

Le Coucou
Le Coucou is a fun restaurant that serves french-inspired dishes in New York City. The restaurant opened when Daniel Rose, an internationally acclaimed chef, decided to invest in a restaurant in the city. The cuisine at Le Coucou combines the classic french taste with innovative flavors that Rose puts together. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, diners will have an array of options to choose from. Le Coucou is located in downtown New York City.

Known for its famous pizza, Roberta’s brings the taste of pizza in New York City to a new level. The menu includes classic italian appetizers and an array of pizzas, as well as a complete wine list to pair with the food. Diners can enjoy their food in the intimate dining room while watching the restaurant’s large wood-fired oven cook the pizzas. There is also the option to sit outside, giving diners the opportunity to enjoy their food while experiencing the city.

Located in Brooklyn, Lowerline offers New Orleans style cuisine. Offering incredible seafood dishes with a perfectly paired beer, diners will be pleased with the unique taste in each dish. While everything on the menu is fresh and delicious, Lowerline is best known for the oysters. Lowerline offers the perfect cuisine for anyone that loves different types of seafood. Based on the smaller dining area, it is recommended to make reservations prior to going.

Balthazar offers french cuisine with an American twist. Balthazar Restaurant opened in 1997 in the SoHo neighborhood, and has become one of New York City’s premiere restaurants. From a raw bar to a variety of delicious steaks, Balthazar’s menu will be sure to satisfy any appetite. Additionally, the restaurant bakes fresh bread and pastries in their bakery. For anyone who is not a big dinner fan, they can experience Balthazar’s delicious brunch menu on the weekends.

While these are considered some of the best restaurants in New York City, there are countless delicious restaurants throughout the city. Tourists who are experiencing the city for the first time would benefit from doing research of different restaurants in their area beforehand. Because New York City is so big, having an idea of good restaurants to visit will be helpful.

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Habits of Successful People

Success is a relative term; what counts as success to some may very well be negligible in the eyes of others. I like to think of success as a positive, upward movement towards one’s personal goals.

Relativity aside, there are individuals that society views as resounding examples of success: CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians, etc. As “success” is a common goal for most people, there’s been a lot of research done on the habits of successful figures. This is a list of some of the most interesting and effective habits that I’ve come across in both research and first hand experience. Whether you’re looking to find your own success, or simply working on continuous personal improvement, keep these habits in mind.

Waking Up Early

Many people love to get a few extra minutes of sleep in before starting their day. But, there are benefits to waking up an hour earlier than you’re used to. Studies show that people who are early risers are “happier, healthier, and more productive” than their late rising counterparts. All of those traits lend themselves to higher efficiency and an inherent ability to work through problems (which are both helpful traits to have in any industry).


Reading literature (industry related or otherwise) allows for continued self-education and expansion of knowledge. There is nothing more valuable than having a wealth of knowledge to refer to when navigating professional and personal situations.  A study of 1200 wealthy people, carried out by Steve Siebold, showed that all of them self educated by reading, and mogul Warren Buffett says that he spends about 80% of this day reading. There’s no specific guideline to how much reading is “enough”; you should just focus on building reading into your everyday routine. Start with what you are interested in and expand from there.


This should go without saying, but is important to note anyway. Very few things can be accomplished to their fullest potential without a set plan and list of goals. This includes individuals. Successful people plan everything, starting with their next day. Spending some time in the evening planning the next day allows for the creation of specific goals to carry out the next day. This not to say that everything will go as planned (and successful people will be able to act reflexively), but having a solid plan allows for continuous work towards goals.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

Yes, successful people are generally extraordinarily hard working and conscientious about completing the tasks at hand. But, highly successful people make sure to factor in time for themselves. It’s important to work relaxation (whatever that means for you) and moments of solitude into your daily routine in order to avoid burnout. Taking time to yourself allows for one to reflect on goals and accomplishments and to determine next steps.


There are several articles that reflect on other successful habits. For resources and more information, look to these articles: Inc. &  Business Insider

4 Urban Hikes To Try This Spring in NYC

4 Urban Hikes to Try This Spring in NYC

As the pale green spring slowly takes shape in parks across New York City, there are a plethora of urban hikes to try that are just a short walk from your closest subway line. In other words, there is simply no need to travel outside the five boroughs if you would like to get some exercise in with a few friends or loved ones during the weekend.

High Line

Located on the west side of Manhattan, the High Line is an incredibly dynamic park that has great green space and other architectural features, making this zone a staple. Many of the art installations light up at night, making the park exceptional all hours of the day. You can also see unique street art on the path which is adjacent to the Hudson River.

Randall’s Island

More commonly known as the island where many summer music festivals are hosted, Randall’s Island actually has some awesome urban hiking options via walking bridges from the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

Coney Island

While you may not want to swim in the waters near Coney Island, the boardwalk is perfect for a nice long stroll into NYC’s historic past. Established in 1923, Coney Island’s boardwalk is around two and a half miles and is just a short walk from the Q Subway stop. Along with delicious carnival treats such as funnel cakes and cheese fries, the original Nathan’s kiosk is located close to the subway stop.

Battery Park

Situated in lower Manhattan, this 25 acre park has unique gardens, a castle and a labyrinth on the waterfront next to the Financial District. The park offers a walking tour which is a 7 mile point-to-point trail Battery Park to Riverside Park and the trail primarily used for walking and road biking. The trail is accessible all year long and you can take the ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty.

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Hedge Funds 101 – What is a Hedge Fund?

business-newspaper-1080x675Hedge Funds are considered to be “alternative” investment funds that are pools of capital from a fixed or limited number of investors. Hedge funds use a variety of strategies to create “active return” for their investors. Investors in hedge funds will have significant asset, and make large initial investments. The hedge funds themselves are pools of securities that invest in a variety of types of securities.

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The Best Korean Restaurants in NYC


It’s a wonderful thing to be able to find a taste of your first home in your current home. That’s how it feels when I stumble upon delicious Korean food in New York City. There is no other comfort quite like being able to walk into a restaurant and be greeted with flavors, smells, and smiles that remind me of Korea. There are innumerable Korean restaurants in Manhattan, but there are two in particular that always come to mind when someone asks what my favorite restaurants are.

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